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We consider flowers an essential part of what we do – good flowers finish a room, whether it be by beautifully decorating a table, putting a smile on one`s face or by providing a striking backdrop.


Our flower service offers a range of styles, from big, bold shapes and colours to the more subtle arrangements of delicate summer flowers, but always sympathetic to the environment in which they are set. We also provide individual and imaginative displays for shops and offices.


Historically flowers have been used in so many ways; as decoration, as presents, “Thank You`s”, living sculpture and for their scent. It is this versatility that gives them such enduring  appeal.


Though not everyone may agree with Emma Goldman when she said “I`d rather have roses on my table than diamonds round my neck” we think that flowers make a stunning addition to any event.


Popular requests:

• Table Centres

• Large Vase or Arrangement for a bar

• Wedding Bouquets and Church decoration

• Filled Urns and other flowers for a marquee

• Hand-tied selections for presentations


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